6.1 Proteins: the “primary” nutrient
Proteins are capable of accomplishing truly amazing things in our body: here we introduce their structural, regulatory and energetic function. But we also debunk some popular misconceptions about proteins

6.2 The Structure of Proteins, and Building Beach Necklaces
Amino acids and proteins: structure, shape and function

6.3 The Shape of Proteins, and a Dip of Mayonnaise
In this video we discuss the structure of proteins and how their shape determines their biological function. We also discuss protein synthesis and protein denaturation

6.4 Essential Amino Acids, and the Dogs of Magendie
The concept of essential amino acids, and the “all or none" principle: protein quality vs. protein quantity

6.5 Proteins in food, and the trick of complementarity
Where do we find proteins in food, and how can we combine protein sources in the right way to compensate for essential amino acid deficiencies?

6.6 Protein Digestion, and Opium from Cows
How are proteins digested and absorbed?

6.7 Why do we need proteins anyway?
In this video we learn about the structural, regulatory and energetic functions of proteins. And why our body doesn’t really like to use proteins for energy

6.8 How much protein do we need?
How many proteins to we need to get from food? And what are some situations in which protein needs are increased? Is it easy to meet protein requirements with a normal diet?

6.9 What happens if we don't get enough proteins?
The consequences of protein-energy malnutrition and long-term protein deficiency, all the way up to kwashiorkor and marasmus

6.10 Are High-Protein Diets Harmful?
The average US diet already exceeds protein requirements, but some segments of the population, like athletes and weight-loss dieters, often have much higher protein intakes. What happens when we get so many proteins? Is it dangerous? And how about individual amino acid supplements?

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